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1. Bring It Back (Radio/Clean)

2. Bring It Back (Dirty)

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TMS  RADIO live!!!

Airplay For Indie Musicians On The Movement Show Radio Live
We all have diverse and versatile entertainment needs when it comes to music. There are just so many genres with so much talent and artistry that it is almost impossible to settle on one. The thing about the music industry however, is that only those in the big leagues get the airplay. That makes it really difficult for indie and upcoming artists to shine. All through, they have to live underground, in the shadow of the major players in any genre.
That they lack the exposure however does not mean that they are not good enough. With so many great artists out there, it is just difficult to get the exposure required, to get people to listen to your music. Often times, they have to rely on websites such as YouTube to curve a name out for themselves in their niche. Would it not be great though, if all these talented indie artists got airplay, without having to be first signed and produced by some major production house?
That is what brings me to The Movement Show radio live. This is a live internet radio station that plays basically all the genres you can think of at the top of your head. They play the coolest songs in hip hop, R&B, pop, edm and reggaeton. Cool combination, right? Well, it does not end there.
The Movement Show radio live provides one of the greatest opportunities for talented and unsigned artists to shine in their own limelight. Basically, as an artist, you have a few projects that you have done, right? You have probably gone out of your way to make an album. However, since you do not have sufficient airplay, your talent is underexposed. The Movement Show radio live are however, not your average station and they go out of their way to accommodate everyone equally.
Musicians are asked to submit their work to There, a team of panelists, who are really just hardcore music lovers like you and I, get to listen to your work and determine whether it has enough juice. If there is enough talent in there, you get airplay just like that.
Since of course, there are many submissions, there is need for there to be some sort of order system. This is created by Doe the Beat King every Wednesday from 6 to 8 p.m. PST. Now, is there really any other station that creates such an opportunity? Is there really any other station out there that can satisfy the needs of so many music lovers across the genres in such a way? Visit to listen to some of the greatest hits of the century.

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